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Math, reading, and writing. K-8th.

Whether your child is struggling or looking for an extra challenge, I’m happy to help.  We’ll talk about the goals that you and your child have, evaluate where they’re at now, and identify the best ways to move forward.  With experience teaching in the public schools and homeschooling, I can help you make the most of your child’s education no matter what path you’ve chosen.

Meet the teacher

Hi!  I’m Jill Chase, and I absolutely love teaching!  Before homeschooling my own kids (currently in 6th and 8th grades), I taught for seven years in the public schools.  I’m currently licensed K-8 with a master’s in education degree (MEd).  As a National Merit Scholar and a University Fellow, I have a strong academic background.  I strive to teach in ways that encourage a love of learning, challenge students to think critically and creatively, and build confidence.

Afternoon and evening hours available (EST).

Important Info and

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide any materials?  It depends.  If your child needs support with homework or other work they already have, then you will not need to provide anything.  If we are working on related skills, it’s possible we will be able to reference materials they have and work from there.  In some cases, though, if further practice is needed or our studies are not aligned with their current work, you will need to provide additional materials that we decide on together.

Is online or in person tutoring better?  For the most part, it comes down to your preference.  There are many benefits to in-person teaching and learning, but online learning is often more convenient.  Think about what best fits your schedule and your child’s learning style, as well as what goals you have for their tutoring time.

Can you guarantee results?  While I will make every effort to help your child meet the goals we set together, there are many factors that affect results.  Through ongoing communication, we’ll evaluate progress and adapt our goals and methods to make sure your child thrives!

The details regarding

Meetings & Payment

Meetings:  Virtual tutoring is provided via Zoom.  In person meetings take place in your home or at a meeting place (i.e., library or coffee shop).

Payment:  In person tutoring payments can be made using PayPal or in cash.  Payments for online tutoring can be made through PayPal.  The rate for online tutoring is $45 per hour or $30 per half hour.  In-person tutoring is $60 per hour (due to travel time and costs).

SUMMER SPECIAL!  Schedule 8 tutoring sessions (1 hour each) for $350.

For more information or to schedule tutoring sessions, email Jill at jdctutoringllc@gmail.com.