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Jill is such a fantastic teacher. I love her way of wording things and she doesn’t waste words or your attention. Every sentence is constructed to keep the mind engaged and growing in understanding!

Heidi C., mom of two

Simple, effective, engaging teaching methods you can use to raise life-long learners

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Find out what your children need to learn and how to teach it in engaging,  meaningful ways.   Our knowledge and experience will help you provide a high quality education for your children – a combination of whole family learning as well as individualized instruction for their learning styles and skill levels. All children have great potential when allowed to learn in their own way and at their own pace.  Plus, your whole family will have a more enjoyable, deeper learning experience when you spend time thinking and exploring together.


Raise kids who love to read!  In this section, you’ll find tips for reading with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, primary students, and kids in the upper elementary grades. Video lessons introduce effective methods for teaching and developing reading strategies for fiction and non-fiction. You’ll also learn how to assess your child’s reading level and plan guided reading lessons.


Best practices for teaching math. Step-by-step video guides for you with resources for building your child’s mathematical understanding. Learn how to teach every concept your child needs to know.  Activities and games are included to make practice fun!

Reading, math, writing, science, history, geography, and more  – all in one place!