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Teaching with Games - Using Continent Race to Teach Geography to Young Students

In this episode of the Homeschool 4 Real Life (H4RL) Teaching Podcast, Jill reviews Continent Race, a world geography game invented by a kid! It's a great educational game for homeschoolers. First I'll tell you about the regular method of play. Then, I'll share some alternate rules to adapt the game for older and younger players. Finally, I'll show you a completely different way to play that we came up with - it's really fun!

This game made me realize just how many countries there are in the world, and how many of them I didn't know about! As they play this educational game, your child will become familiar with the names of countries and the continents they're on as well as each country's flag. Depending upon what you choose to emphasize as you play, they can also learn the location of each country on a map and the name of the country's capitol. This is a great game for teaching world geography and can be adapted for different levels of play. Check out the video to see the game and find out how to play!

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