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15 Student-centered Strategies to Help Your Child Focus

We've all been there, right? You think your child is completing their work. You sat with them and they know what they're supposed to do and how to do it. You walk away to check on their sibling or clean the bathroom, and you come back to check their work. And they're in the same place they were before. What?!?! What have you been doing? Well, honestly, they're not really sure. They were distracted. It happens to the best of us, and it can make the homeschool portion of our day take longer than we'd like. It's no fun when the work drags on, and even the best lessons and assignments start to feel like drudgery when we get stuck in them. Here are fifteen ways that you can help your child focus so they can get the most out of their work and finish it in less time.

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