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New to homeschooling?

This is the place to be!  Have you explored all of the resources on our How to Homeschool page?  They’ll help you get off to a great start, but what comes next?  In addition to a supportive community of homeschooling families, you’ll have access to videos showing you how to teach and resources for developing skills and building understanding.  Find out more below!

Looking for a way to teach your kids without expensive curriculums or on-line programs?

We’ll teach you so you can teach them!  Video guides show you a variety of ways to teach math concepts – hands-on approaches, word problems to develop critical thinking, and games for fun practice – and will empower you to feel confident helping your children develop reading skills and strategies.  Our suggested read-alouds and educational activities will help you engage your children with a variety of subjects in interesting ways.

No overwhelming curriculums to try to get through, unknown teachers controlling your children’s learning, or hours on the computer every day.  YOU decide the best ways for your children to learn and follow your family’s schedule and interests.  YOU spend time with your children and see their delight in discovering new things.  Enjoy the freedom of homeschooling YOUR way.

Worried about helping your teen plan for college or choose a career?

Having to make decisions that affect the rest of your life is not easy when you’re a teenager without much life experience, still discovering who you’ll be and what you’re good at.  It isn’t easy to parent a teenager making those decisions, either!  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone knowledgeable about career planning who could talk with your teen about the process?

Homeschool 4 Real Life’s Empowering Your Future Career Exploration Course for teens is designed to help your teen learn about careers, understand how to find one that’s a good fit, and figure out the best path to get there.  We’ve done a lot of research so you don’t have to!

We’ll help your teen understand how to identify careers that will be interesting and enjoyable, provide a sufficient salary, and continue to have a promising job market.  We’ll also share ways to determine whether to go to college and which one to choose, as well as important information about applying to and paying for college – and how to avoid too much debt.  Your teen will develop a personalized plan for a promising future as we walk through it step-by-step.  You don’t have to figure it all out on your own, and neither does your teen; we’re ready to work through it together!

Does your child need more opportunities to share writing, art, and other creative projects and see the work of peers?

It can be so disappointing to work really hard on a project and have very few people with whom to share it when you’re finished! Our own kids have wished for larger audiences and been so motivated when they have a peer audience for their work. We wanted to provide that for them and other homeschooled kids on a more frequent basis. Now, your children can share their work anytime, right from home! I’ve also noticed the level of effort my kids put into their work increasing after they see the work of peers. They are sometimes inspired to try new things, and other times they realize their work could improve and they try harder. See the difference a community of peers can make!

Teaching & Parenting

Teach and parent with confidence!

You know what’s best for your family.  Find out how to make it happen with practical tips and instruction.  Teaching strategies to help you engage your kids in meangingful learning and build deeper understanding.  Parenting wisdom for raising healthy, happy, confident kids in a peaceful, joyful home.

Career Exploration

Prepare for a great future!

A comprehensive career planning and exploration course to help your teen develop a plan for a great future.  Reduce debt and maximize career satisfaction by investigating personal strengths and preferences, the pros and cons of careers, and understanding what factors lead to long-term success and happiness.


Life is better together!

Get support and ideas from other homeschooling parents.  Teens can connect with peers on topics of interest and discuss career plans.  Students of all ages have the opportunity to share their work and view the creations of others.  Enjoy sharing your homeschooling journey with other families from the comfort of home!

What Parents Get

How teach math - video trainings & resources

How to teach reading - age-by-age video guides

Career Exploration Course for your teen

Ideas to enhance your read-alouds with all ages

Forums and groups to ask questions and share ideas

What Students Get

Career Exploration Course

Community of peers in their school levels to share their work

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