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With H4RL, you will discover the freedoms and joy of homeschooling.  The freedom to let your child explore the world around them.  The joy of watching the learn and grow right in front of you.  We make it easy.  Our step by step videos will show you how to work with your child.  They were developed by a certified teacher and homeschool mom, you will be able to teach with confidence, know that your child is learning everything they need to know to excel but doing it in a fun relaxed way, on your schedule.  In case you decide not homeschool later, you can confidence with our teaching materials, your child will be ready to jump right back into traditional school and not miss a beat.

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Hi everyone,

I am a homeschooling parent just like you! If you are curious about homeschooling but do not know where to start, you are in the right place! I am certified K-8 teacher who taught professionally before having my own children. Now I homeschool my children full time. I am passionate about engaging children and wanting to build a love learning. You might be having anxiety about being your child's teacher but I want to turn the anxiety in confidence and help you find the freedom and joy that comes with homeschooling!

When I first started looking into curriculum all I could find was worksheet based content or all online. I was so dispointed. One of the reasons I went into teaching was to engage children and make learning fun. Let me tell, children, especially young children do not want to do worksheets all day. So I decided, if I was going to homeschool my children I was going to make fun and engaging. So I reviewed what subjects needed to be covered in Kindergarten and then developed fun and interesting ways to engage them that were not online or worksheet based. Don't get me wrong, worksheets are great occassional just not as a basis for the entire curriculum. It crushes me anytime I hear people talk about trying to make kindergarten rigorous. That is a great way to make your child hate learning. Then you are setting them to struggle with learning the rest of their lives.
I believe in hands on learning. Learning through play and allowing your child to explore the world around them. Of course I believe there are core subjects our children need to learn. I hated the idea of my children sitting all day in a class room. I saw first hand how many children get bored and just stopped listening during school. Kids are naturally inquisitive and I believe school should tap into these tendencies and not hinder them.
With the resources in our members area you will be able confidently teach your kids with interactive and engaging lessons. You will have step by step instructions on what to teach every day if you would like or be able to assemble classes based on your child's own unique interests. I have developed these videos from my years of home schooling and class room teaching and they are all ready for you. You have support for all your questions in our forums as well as live Q&A sessions with me. Learning is a lifestyle for me and my family. I have so many great memories teaching my children. Let me help take the stress out homeschooling for you, so you can enjoy working with them and watching them grow up.

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Recognizing a problem

We’ve heard over and over again from friends and colleagues how much they dislike their professions or how many things they really wish they had known before choosing their careers (this stretched across a wide range of professions from blue collar to engineers, teachers, doctors, lawyers and even pastors!). We’ve also watched repeatedly as children of friends and family headed off to college, thinking they knew what they wanted to do in life, only to either dropout in uncertainty or change their majors multiple times, racking up extra debt and wasting time. We too had struggled to choose our careers and changed majors, and although we enjoy the careers we eventually decided upon (a teacher and an engineer), there definitely are aspects of our professions we wish we had known about before deciding to pursue them. While it's possible to make career changes later in life, most of us feel stuck due to other commitments – family, mortgage, debt. Often, it feels too late. We thought, there has to be a better way.
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Jill is such a fantastic teacher. I love her way of wording things and she doesn’t waste words or your attention. Every sentence is constructed to keep the mind engaged and growing in understanding!

Heidi C., mom of two
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– Guide on what you need to teach


– Video guide showing how to teach every math concept (you can build strong math skills, even if math is not your thing)


– Detailed videos showing you how to teach reading


– Learn techniques on how to evaluate your child’s reading skills and how to improve them


– Learn how to help your child develop writing skills


– Get printable games and activities to do with your child


– Video guides with suggested books with activities for read-alouds


– Online community where you can ask your specific questions and get answers


– Access to a professional teacher to ask your questions when you run into problems


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Common questions about H4RL materials:


There are no additional instruction books you will have to buy using these materials.  Everything is self-paced using our videos.  There may be additional expenses in printing off some activities to use with your child.  I use books from our library for the enhanced read-alouds, if you would like to buy these books that would be an additional expense.   You can make your own manipulatives for teaching math, however I do recommend some math manipulatives that may be beneficial for you to buy that you will be use many times to teach different concepts.


These materials are designed to teach you how to teach the different subject materials.  This is not an online course for your child.  It is to teach you what your student needs to learn and how to teach it in a fun and engaging way.  It also shows how to evaluate your students learning to determine how to help them in areas where they may be struggling that way you can have fun teaching your child.  I do recommend some other online materials you could suppliment the tools and techniques provided in these videos but this style is built to have you the parent engage with your child during learning instruction.  Don’t worry, even if you are not a math person, we walk you step by step on how to teach the math concepts so you can do it well!


In the videos I will show you how to teach math, reading and writing as the core subjects.  There is also instructions on how to incorporate some elements of art, history and culture into these activities.  I utilize the national standards to provide guidance on what students need to learn in each grade.  You can rest assure that if you follow the videos that your child will be right in track for 1st grade and if you choose to put them back into a traditional school they will not skip a beat.


The material taught in H4RL videos follow the national learning standards.  There is a lot of confusion in the homeschooling world about what the standards are.  The standards are just a way to make sure all students regardless of what state they live in are learning the same basic content at each grade level.  In fact if, most of the curriculums you buy by large homeschooling companies teach the same thing that the standards do (even if they do not tell you that they do).  The difference with H4RL is that we try to do it in a fun and interactive way and do not focus so much on the testing portion that the public schools do.  The testing portion is what really gives it a bad name, however if you are trying to educate millions of kids then you have to have some way to evaluate if they are making progress and unfortunately, testing was the method that they choose.  We decided to teach these concepts in a fun way, the way that most teachers wish they could in public school but they are forced to teach it a certain way in order to keep pace with the schedules and test deadlines.  With H4RL your child will get a great education in a fun way without all the stress of the testing!



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