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Short, simple directions outline what your child needs to learn and how to teach it in engaging,  meaningful ways.   You can be confident that you are teaching everything your child needs to know.  Provide high quality instruction right at your child’s level without spending hours reviewing lesson plans.  If you need more explanation, video demonstrations showing how to teach every lesson are available in the member community.  Feel great about teaching math – you got this!


H4RL’s lessons and activities use a variety of approaches that reach all types of learners and keep kids engaged.  Rather than piles of busy-work, your child’s understanding will grow through activities designed to develop specific concepts and skills.  You can teach math with confidence knowing that you’re using high quality instructional methods and your child is learning everything they need to know, including strong math, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.


H4RL makes math fun!  Hands-on lessons use your child’s toys, food, and playdough to teach important math concepts.  Games designed for our math program make practice so much fun that your child will ask to play again.  High quality, colorful pages make activities appealing to young learners.  Your child will enjoy exploring math with you rather than staring at a huge, boring workbook or computer screen alone.

Made for Families

Our math curriculum is created by a homeschool mom.  It is designed to make home math instruction a positive experience for both parents and children.  Jill uses her knowledge as a licensed teacher as well as what she has learned while homeschooling her own children to develop excellent lessons using simple materials.  H4RL math is designed to build math confidence and make math one of the best parts of every family’s homeschool day.

Jill is such a fantastic teacher. I love her way of wording things and she doesn’t waste words or your attention. Every sentence is constructed to keep the mind engaged and growing in understanding!

Heidi C., mom of two
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Math – and so much more!  Also from H4RL:

Enhanced Read-Alouds

Enhanced read-alouds help you expand the learning and fun when you enjoy excellent books with your whole family.  Choose from related writing, art, science, music, reading, and history activities – and more.   With delightful books as inspiration, children of all ages engage in effective thinking and learning activities.  Choose the ideas that best fit your family, align with your learning goals, or sound like fun!


A daily calendar time is a comforting routine to include in your preschool, kindergarten, or first grade homeschool day.  It’s also an effective way to teach children the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather, continents and oceans, sight words, shared reading, skip counting, place value, and more!  This unit explains how to include a calendar time in your day and provides ready-to-use materials to help you get started.

Poetry for the Primary Grades

Poetry is an important element of effective reading instruction in kindergarten, first, and second grades.  It is a fun way to build literacy skills in just a few minutes a day.  Children enjoy the rhythm and rhyme and increase their fluency as readers as you enjoy the poems together.  Over thirty poems are provided along with a teaching guide for each that explains activities you can do with your child.


Raise kids who love to read!  In this section, you’ll find tips for reading with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, primary students, and kids in the upper elementary grades. Video lessons introduce effective methods for teaching and developing reading strategies for fiction and non-fiction. You’ll also learn how to assess your child’s reading level and plan guided reading lessons.

What do you get inside the membership?

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Three ways to homeschool with H4RL:

Math Curriculum

H4RL’s printed math curriculum consists of three high quality, easy-to use books per grade.  We’ve chosen a printing company with prices much lower than the others to save you money on printing at home.  The paper quality and graphics are excellent.  We’ve provided three separate books so that your student workbook and teacher guide are independent and of an easily manageable size.  The games and activities that you’ll be cutting out are in their own book so the other books stay nice and neat.  If you’re using our resources as a supplement, you can order just the workbook or games and activities, but to teach with our curriculum you’ll need all three books.

Monthly Membership

In the H4RL member community, you’ll have access to all of our teaching resources as well as videos and support whenever you need it!  There are videos explaining how to teach all of the math lessons in our curriculum so you can feel completely confident teaching your child.  You can utilize the enhanced read-alouds, poetry, unit studies, videos about how to teach reading, and more!  The forums (which Jill checks and comments in daily) allow you to ask for ideas, advice, or help anytime.  You can also join us for live online check-ins every month to talk with Jill about homeschooling and get answers to your questions.

Best Value - Get it All!

Ordering our math curriculum is the easiest way to follow the daily lesson instructions and the most economical way to print the practice pages, games, and activities.  When you purchase all three books for one grade level, you receive a FREE month of H4RL community membership as well as a 33% DISCOUNT every month after that!  You’ll have high quality books for math, videos demonstrating how to teach every lesson, forums and check-ins for support, and an extensive library of additional resources.  Enjoy the enhanced read-alouds, poetry for the primary grades, calendar unit, science explorations, and more!

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Hi there!
I’m Jill - a homeschooling parent just like you! I’m also an experienced teacher. I taught in a classroom for seven years before having my own children, and now I homeschool full time. I am passionate about teaching in engaging ways and encouraging a life-long love of learning. I want to help you turn any anxiety you have about being your child's teacher into confidence and find the freedom and joy that comes with homeschooling! One of my favorite things to do is to create high quality lessons and materials that create learning opportunities. H4RL is my chance to share them with you! I look forward to getting to know you in our member community.

H4RL lessons do not require the purchase of additional materials, but there are a few inexpensive math supplies that will be used repeatedly year after year and we would recommend purchasing.  We use a lot of wonderful books, but we get them all from the library.  A lot of resources are included in your membership and you will have only the cost of printing those that you choose to use.  Many lessons use simple supplies that you probably already have.  We suggest a lot of games and other materials, but they are completely optional.  We’re really frugal, so we try to keep that in mind as we plan our lessons!


No, your children will not be learning online.  The videos on our site are for parents.  They are designed to show you how to teach your child effectively.  We’ll outline what your child needs to learn and how to teach it in fun and engaging ways.  We also explain how to evaluate your students’ learning to determine how to continue to build skills and understanding.  Our curriculum is designed to help parents engage with their children in learning activities; you can deepen your child’s understanding by talking with them about their thinking.  When you know what your child needs to learn and how to teach it, you can be confident as your child’s teacher and free to homeschool in ways you and your children enjoy!


We recommend ordering the printed math curriculum set of three books for your child’s grade level.  It’s a much nicer way of accessing the materials and will save you money overall (it’s a lot cheaper than printing it at home).  You can use the curriculum without a membership, but if you want our other resources (i.e. enhanced read-alouds, poetry, how to teach reading…) or support from an experienced teacher or videos showing you how to teach the math lessons, you’ll need the membership.   Here’s the good news:  when you buy the full set (3 books) of math curriculum, you get a free month of membership and a discount on every month after that!  You essentially get the curriculum for free!


The material taught in H4RL videos follows the national learning standards.  There is a lot of confusion about standards.  They’re really just a way to make sure all students regardless of what state they live in are learning the same basic content at each grade level.  In fact if, most of the curriculums you buy by large homeschooling companies teach the same things that the standards recommend (even if they don’t expressly state that).  The difference with H4RL is that we try to do it in fun and interactive ways and focus on building understanding.  Rather than preparing for a grade level test, you can tailor your instruction to your child’s needs and help them continue to grow and learn while using the standards to give you the confidence that you’re “doing enough.”   With H4RL you can give your child an individualized, high quality education that prepares them for the future and encourages a life-long love of learning.


H4RL’s teaching materials are useful for preschoolers through the upper elementary grades, and some of it extends to middle and high school (especially the unit studies and science explorations).  Enhanced read-alouds include activities for a wide age range.  Math curriculum is currently available for first and second grades with kindergarten and third grades coming soon and fourth through sixth grades in the future.

Inside the membership area you will have access to

all of our resources:

Teaching Guide

A pacing guide to help you know how much time to spend on each math concept order to stay on pace for the year. This is just a suggestion; you can speed up or slow down based on how your child is progressing.

Math Video Guide

Video guides showing how to teach every math concept. You can build strong math skills, even if math is not your thing!

Hands-on activities

Teach math in fun, effective ways with activities you and your child will enjoy.

Detailed Math Solutions

Watch as word problems are worked out step by step in a variety of ways so that you know how to explain the solutions to your child. Find out the key points that need to be emphasized and questions to ask to develop deeper understanding.

Reading Videos

Detailed videos show you how to teach reading. Find out how to evaluate your child's progress, identify areas of struggle, and plan instruction to help them progress.

Support from a Professional Teacher & Homeschool Mom

Through our forums and live Q&A sessions you are able to ask questions and get support from Jill - an experienced teacher & homeschool mom. You are not alone; we're here to help!

Printable Games and Activities

Games and activities that you can print and use with your child are included. The parent videos explain how and when to use them and the learning goals they support.

Enhanced Read-Alouds

Video guides with related activities for a range of ages, showing how to read books with your children to get full engagement and to take the book to a deeper level. These are similar to mini unit studies - taking fun, high quality books and incorporating other subjects such as science, math, art and more to increase the educational value (more bang for you book, you could say).

Homeschool Community

In the H4RL community, you will not only find help from Jill but from fellow members who have been there and done that - as well as some who are at the same point as you. Ask questions and provide suggestions to help others.

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