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    Our goal is to share ideas, knowledge, resources, and our own experiences so that you can feel empowered to enjoy homeschooling, too.  We know that some people aren’t sure what homeschooling might look like for their families or how to get started.  Others have been homeschooling for a while but are tired of buying expensive curriculums and barely using them or feel overwhelmed with trying to complete all of the workbooks.  You may see your children resorting to video games and boredom instead of exploring with a hungry curiosity.  We’re here to help you change that.  We’ll teach you so you can teach them!  Come join us in the Homeschool 4 Real Life community!

    Do you have a teen who needs help finding direction for the future?  Check out the career exploration course!  It will guide your teen step-by-step through a process of  identifying unique personal interests, strengths, and preferences and learning how lifestyle choices affect salary needs.   Your teen can use the searchable database with hundreds of careers and in depth interviews with professionals to find out more about a wide variety of career fields. Set your teen up for success.  Come join us in the Homeschool 4 Real Life community!