Sales Managers

Sales Managers
Sales managers plan, direct, and coordinate the strategies and activities to accompoish the sales anf distribution of manufactured products, services, real estate, and other commodities offered for sale. The establish sales territories, goals or quotas for sales representatives and conduct training programs for sales staff. They oversee regional and local sales, managers, and staffs. They gather and analyze sales data to estimate market potentials and inventory factors. They confer with potential customers to monitor preferences, equipment needs and advise on products to meet those requirements.They oversee distribution and delivery of products to warehouses and to customers in order to fill orders customers.They resolve customer complaints and review records and reports to project sales and maximize profits. They make decision in a competetive, stressful environment. They may travel to confer, evaluate, and institute territorial adjustments to sales strategies, personnel allocations, or product distribution and delivery.

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Business, Finance, Marketing and Sales

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