Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory Therapists
Respiratory Therapists provide assessment and treatment for patients with lung problems, They oversee patient care and supervise respiratory technicians. They provide emergency care: intubation, artificial respiration, external cardiac massage, or resuscitation.They set up, adjust and maintain various types of equipment: oxygen tents, incubators, resuscitators, ventilators, areosal inhalors for moisture or medications, oxygen tanks, and the attendant hoses and gauges.They monitor and record the patient’s responses to treatment (vital signs and blood gas or chemistry changes) and create patient records. They provide therapy to clear the lungs. They work as part of a health care team and consult with nurses and doctors as necessary and in emergent situations.They teach exercises to patients and families, and instruct them in the use of equipment. They visit patients to inspect and clean the equipment and monitor patient progress.They work mainly in hospitals and clinics, standing most of the time. They move equipment and may reposition patients, ifting up to 50 pounds. There may be exposure to diseases.

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Health, Medical, Fitness, and Personal Care Services

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