Preschool Teachers

Preschool Teachers
Preschool teachers may be required to hold state licenses or certifications. They work in preschools, day care, and other child development settings.They develop, organize, and lead activities for 2 -5 year olds that are designed to promote phycical, mental, and social development — games, arts and crafts, music, reading stories in books, oral story-telling, and field trips.They teach basic skills such as color, object, animal, and letter identification. They instruct in social behavior, personal hygiene, sharing, and obeying rules for games and behavior. They enforce rules, maintain order and supervise play.. They may provide physical care, such as changing diapers or clothing and cleaning up after “accidents” or spills. They observe children in their activies and at play. They evaluate performance, social interactions, developmental levels and progress. They may confer with parents or guardians to exchange information or express concerns. They keep records and may write reports. They may be required by law to report suspected abuse or neglect situations to social services or police.They may work long hours, or be “stuck” waiting for tardy parents after hours. They may visit in children’s homes or provide transportation to and from the care center.The centers may be located in separate buildings, schools, businesses, churches or community settings. They may be open 9-10 months or year-round.They provide or work in a pleasant environment indoors and on a playground.

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Education, Mental Health, Family and Faith Based Services

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