Police Officer (Patrol Officers)

Police Officer (Patrol Officers)
Police officers partol designated areas to maintain order and provide for public safety, by enforcing laws, regulating traffic, preventing crimes ,controlling crowds, and arresting suspects and perpetrators of criminal acts — in essence, serving to protect persons and property, and promote positive community relations.They patrol in cars, on bicycles, on foot, or horseback. They may work with canines. They identify, pursue and arrest suspects. They are dispatched and communicate by radio and must respond quickly. They may intervene in family disputes, or encounter belligerence. They investigate complaints and run checks on persons and property. They render aid to accident or crime victims, and summon medical units to treat the injured and transport them to ER’s. They review the facts of incidents or accidents to determine if laws or statutes have been violated, or crimes committed. They record facts and prepare written and computerized reports to document their findings and crreate supporting drawings or reports. They testify in court and hearings.They may face serious risks of injury or death on vehicle stops, car chases, gun incidents, and during arrests. They work irregular hours and often encounter stressful interpersonal situations. They operate under strict rules and policies in difficult situations, often encountering resistance or harassment.

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Government, Public Services and Law

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