Pharmacists are well versed in the characteristics and clinical effects of medications. They provide information and advice to customers and physicians on the selection, side effects, dosages, and interaction of drugs and over the counter products. They interact frequently with customers, and supervise employees who assist the pharmacist.They dispense drugs prescribed by physicians in retail stores, 24 hour pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, HMO’s, or other treatment facilities. They oversee procedures for mixing, counting, packaging, and labeling medications. They ensure the proper storage and inventory control of various classes of vacines, medications, poisons, controlled drugs or nuclear medicines, and maintain neccessary and legally required records. They also use computers to establish patient profiles, and pharmacy files.They may serve as consultants to medical staff, and may become specialists in certain drug therapies such as oncology or nuclear medicine.

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Health, Medical, Fitness, and Personal Care Services

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