Animators create images and special effects, using a large number of sequential drrawings, which are used in television commercials, internet illustrations, short video features, computer games, and full length films. They make sketches in a series, drawing and painting them by hand. They make models, and story-board layouts for animated cartoons and movies. They create backround scenes, color patterns, and dramatic artistic effects, such as wind, rain, and fire and use computer software to to sequence the large series of images.The scenes and sequences are then photographed and transferred to film or tapes. Using computers, the resulting 2D images are edited to add the motion, textures, and colors that create a final product which is then projected at the proper speed to present the stories or dramas.They work indoors in a studio, either individually or as part of a team. They communicate ideas and concepts verbally, and develop documents and memos, and work products to share, organize, and coordinate their efforts with others’. They may face the stress of deadlines and encounter interpersonal struggles in the process of achieving a final product. They may work independently under contract or as a studio employee. They are exposed to the chemicals in paints and inks. They use scanners and editing tools, spending long hours at computers.

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Arts, Media, Fashion and Entertainment

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