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At H4RL we believe education should be fun, engaging and relevant to Real Life!  We develop innovative classes and materials to help you navigate every stage of your educational journey.  Whether you are a teen trying to figure out what you should do next in life or a parent desiring to inspire your children to love learning, we can help!

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"I would HIGHLY recommend this course for students embarking upon the transition to independence and entrance into society as responsible citizens."

Tiffany, Career Course Parent

"The career course was very thorough, and gave me (unlike some other classes I've taken) a CLEAR plan/outline. I think it was very helpful and unique, and very thorough and very complete, following through to the end."

Career Course Student

"I would recommend this course because now I understand so much more about what goes into choosing a career path, and I feel much more prepared to make that decision for myself."

Ellie, Career Course Student

"I would absolutely recommend this course! It helped my daughter to be able to narrow down a focus for what she would like to do in the future, and how to plan for it. I wish there had been something like this when I was young."

Career Course Parent

"I would recommend this career course because it was full of helpful information and showed me several new perspectives on a career search."

Caleb, Career Course Student

Personalized Spaces

Each member of the family will have their own account with personalized content. Ask questions, share ideas, be inspired!

Career Planning

A step by step course to help your teen explore a wide variety of careers, learn what determines career satisfaction, and find out how to create a personalized plan for a great future.

Career Interviews

In-depth interviews with experienced professionals allow your teen to understand what careers are really like and how to plan for success. They can learn the pros and cons before deciding their future.

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