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Relevant, engaging classes give your teen the chance to take an in-depth look at interesting STEM topics with expert insight.  They’ll learn about a variety of career options, some of which they may not even be aware of (STEM careers & others).  Class size is limited so participants can share ideas and ask questions.  Help your teen see science and math applied in the real world and discover possibilities for their future!


David is a homeschool dad and a mechanical engineer with 15 years of experience designing innovative solutions to challenging problems.  He enjoys helping students understand science, math, and engineering and their fascinating applications in the real world.  In addition to designing a wide range of products for a diverse set of clients professionally, David also volunteers his expertise to help those in need around the world have access to clean water.   He holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering and has taught college level engineering classes. David also volunteers to sit on the review board for mechanical engineers’ senior capstone design projects twice a year at his alma matter.   Given his breadth of real world experience and the wide range of professionals with whom he works, David understands how important it is to really understand what is involved with a career before you invest the time and money into pursuing that profession.  This has contributed to his passion to help young people learn about careers and finances and how to plan well for a great future.

"Thank you for offering these classes for high schoolers at an affordable cost. I really like your personal examples, personable style, explanations and your desire to answer questions. You seem very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about engineering and were able to give my daughter some ideas of directions to pursue in a career."

Jody, parent of high school student

"Y'all did an amazing job explaining everything."

Christian, 9th grade

"This was very fun and I will recommend this to my friends."

Zach, 9th grade
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Did you know that 90% of engineering benefits only 10% of the world’s population?  780 million people in the world do not have access to clean, safe drinking water.  They walk an average of 3.7 miles every day to get water that is likely to make them sick.

Humanitarian engineering brings expert help to those who need it most.  Learn how the skills of engineers and other professions are combined with cultural understanding to design products to help those who are in need.  Hear how David, the instructor, used his engineering expertise to help provide water to a remote village in Kenya.  Find out why teams of people with a wide variety of talents and experience are needed to change the world.

This class is appropriate for high school and middle school students.  Some technical information is shared, but it is good for general audiences.  If your child has a desire to help people and some interest in science and engineering related fields, this class would be good fit.  STEM careers are discussed as well as other related professions.

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Ever wondered why something is designed the way it is?

Learn to think like a designer and understand the steps involved from concept to production in the development of new products. Find out about careers that use art and engineering to design products that people want to buy.

The smartphone changed the way we live.  Designing and testing for safety makes it possible to walk away from terrible car accidents.  Small improvements in fuel efficiency save millions of gallons of fuel.  Product design changes the world.  Think in new ways about products you see every day by applying the principles of product design.  

This class is great for high school and middle school ages.  It is interactive and provides some technical information.  In addition to STEM related careers, we also discuss applied art careers such as graphic design, marketing, and industrial design.  This class demonstrates how art and science come together to create the millions of products we use every day.

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The science, history, and future of nuclear energy.

Learn about the basic building blocks of the universe, including subatomic particles.  We’ll discuss the four fundamental forces (gravitational, electromagnetic, and weak & strong atomic forces) and how these combine to form atoms as well as how scientists use particle physics to harness this power for human use.

Understand how stars are formed, generating the fundamental elements in the universe and how engineers tap into these same forces to provide power without producing greenhouse gases.

We’ll explore the pros and cons of nuclear power and learn about a variety of careers related to these topics.

This class is more technical in nature than the other classes.  It’s great for high school students who love science and enjoy diving into the technical details.  Some background knowledge in chemistry is a plus but not really needed.  We will discuss the periodic table and how it is organized as well as the meaning behind its organization and how that relates to nuclear energy.

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We have a lot more ideas for classes to add in the future.  Is there something you would like us to include?  Visit our contact page to tell us about it!


We take the stress out of career exploration and planning.  With online resources and a step-by-step guide at your fingertips, you and your teen can feel confident about their future.  Your teen will have a well vetted plan that lays out exactly what they need to do to achieve the career that is the best fit for them.  You will be happy knowing that your teen will have found a great direction and path for their future.  Try it free for 10 days and cancel any time!

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“The career course was very thorough and gave me (unlike some other classes I've taken) a CLEAR plan/outline. I think it was very helpful and unique, and very thorough and very complete, following through to the end.” - career course participant (homeschool student)

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