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Teaching Myth - You Don't Have to Read The Whole Book

In today's Homeschool 4 Real Life (H4RL) Teaching Podcast, Jill debunks the myth that you always have to read the entire book in order to do a ``good job`` reading with your child. She shows examples of how to use books, especially non-fiction, as tools to engage your child's interest and promote a love of learning. Books empower you to open a fascinating world of wonder and imagination to your children. When you enjoy books together, your kids won't be able to resist the temptation to read more and more! If you feel like you have to slog through every word of every book to the very end in order to say, ``yes, we read a book today,`` you're likely to have to lasso your kids as they race out the door when they see you coming with a book in hand. Let's talk about how to read with your children in ways that your whole family will enjoy!

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