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Video guide to applying to college!

In this free, in-depth video guide, we walk you through everything you need to know and should be tracking to help your teen navigate the college admission process.  This is a great resource, whether your teen is just starting high school or is ready to apply to college.  This is one of 14 video modules included in the career exploration resources in our members community site.  Get it FREE now!

Click below to get a FREE video guide to learn everything you need to know to help your teen apply to college!

FREE video guide for the college admission process!

After watching the Applying to College video guide you will understand:


– What you need to do during all four years of high school to prepare for the application process and make it easier


–  The differences between the ACT, SAT and CLT as well as how to determine which one may be a good fit for your teen.


– When to take the tests (SAT, ACT, & CLT) and practice tests (PSAT, PLAN, and CLT 10)


–  What colleges are looking for in a transcript & how to write a good one


– What is needed in a letter of reference and from whom you should request them


– How to make an effective resume


– What colleges are looking for in admission interviews


– What colleges are looking for in application essays and how to write them effectively



– The important dates you need to be aware of – from sophomore year through senior year -testing, visiting colleges, applying, and financial aid

Help your teen prepare for college!

FREE video guide to the college admission process!


Take the stress out of career exploration and planning.  With online resources at your fingertips and a step-by-step guide, you and your teen can feel confident about their goals for the future.  Your teen will have a well vetted plan that lays out exactly what they need to do to achieve the career that is the best fit for them.  Imagine how happy you’ll feel knowing that your teen has found a great direction and path for their future!  Try it free for 30 days, and cancel any time.

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“The career course was very thorough and gave me (unlike some other classes I've taken) a CLEAR plan/outline. I think it was very helpful and unique, and very thorough and very complete, following through to the end.” - career course participant (homeschool student)