Sales Engineers

Sales Engineers
Capitalizing on the technical knowledge earned with a degree in engineering, Sales Engineers market and sell a wide range of equipment, supplies, or services that require expertise and support in the chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical fields.They contact and work with management, engineers, and architects. They write specifications and advise on product design, estimate costs, preparee sales proposals, negotiate contracts, and oversee intallation of products. Working with sales teams, they evaluate customer equipment needs and define system requirements, and deliver technical presentations to expoain products and services to customers and prospects. They provide technical support to clients and may train the employees in the use and mainenance of the products. They work indoors in offices and plants, and outdoors to demonstrate products. They use spreadsheets for pricing. They maintain availability by phone, faxes, and pagers to stay in touch with customers and prospects.

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Engineering, Architecture, Science and Mathematics

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