Sales Agents, Securities and Commodities

Sales Agents, Securities and Commodities
Securities and commodities sales agents work for brokers in investment and trading firms. They help clients [individuals, businesses, or formal organizations] select, purchase or sell any of several financial instruments: stocks, bonds, securities, mutual funds, tax shelters, and insurance plans.They interview clients to gain information about their assets, liabilities, investments, and financial objectives. They analyze that data and provide relevant information to clients about markets and financial options. They develop financial plans for clients and negotiate contracts for sales services. They stay current on prices and trends by means of quote boards or computers. They maintain contact and availability by cell phone and faxes as they.complete sales tickets and process client’s requested transactions.They keep accurate records of client information and transactions.Sales agents work indoors , but may travel locally to meet with clients or prospective clients. They spend many hours on the phone, and often work 60-70 hour weeks, evenings and weekends. Some are able to work part-time.

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Business, Finance, Marketing and Sales

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