Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Brokers,manage, own, or work for a residential or commercial real estate firm. They hire and supervise real estate agents and usually pay them commissions by contract.They price, advertize and sell properties according to contracts with owners, charging a percentage of the final sale price for their services. They write offers and counter-offers, and serve as mediators between sellers and buyers/buyer’s realtor.They check contracts and documents to ensure compliance with ethics and laws. They refer clients to mortgage companies, loan officers, building inspectors, and appraisers.They may specialize in certain types of properties – residential or commercial, or rental. They create lists of properties for sale, and place descriptions and information on multiple listing services.They use devices to be available at all hours and capable of providing information and documents – cell phones, faxes, and computers.

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Business, Finance, Marketing and Sales

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