Principal (Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School)

Principal (Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School)
These administrators oversee the academic, business, and extracirricular activities of elementary, middle (jumior high), and high schools. They survey learning materials, related cirricula, and teaching approaches. They evaluate effectiveness and develop refinements to meet standards and improve in areas that need attention. They enforce discipline and attendance rules.They meet with or speak to the public and government officials. They work with school boards regarding budgets, personnel issues, and other relevant matters. They interact with employee and student organizations. . They observe teaching methods and coordinate with teachers to develop goals and misson statements, monitor cirricula applications and updates, and set performance standards. They work regular hours but may have evening events or meetings to attend. They use computers to manage schedules, cirricula, budgeting, record keeping, and inventory controls.They confer with parents and staff to communicate and clarify policies, discuss educational efforts, and review student behavioral or learning problems.They recruit, hire, and evaluate teachers and staff.

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Education, Mental Health, Family and Faith Based Services

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