Physcal Therapist

Physcal Therapist
Physical Therapists develop and provide programs of treatment to rehabilitate, improve mobility, relieve pain, strengthen muscles, relieve inflamation of ligaments and tendons, and correct disabling conditions or injuries, or birth defects. They perform an initial exam, tests, measurements, and evaluations to diagnose problems and plan an individualized course of treatment. They set goals and document prognosis, progress and evaluations in a patient chart. They refine treatment plans, as feedback and observation determine, regarding the patient’s response to treatment. They maintain computer or charted records.They instruct patients in the use of braces, canes, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs.They work indoors in facilities that provide equipment such as tables, parallel bars, hydro-therapy tanks, large balls, etc. There may be lifting to position patients and manipulate patient’s limbs. They usually work regular hours or part-time by appointment.

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Health, Medical, Fitness, and Personal Care Services

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