Using digital or SLR cameras, or film cameras, photographers capture the images of landscapes, people, wildlife, commercial products, and any of the myriad of other objects the world has to offer. They select the subject and compose the elements of the “shot”. They employ equipment such as selected lenses, filters, tripods, lighting stands, reflectors, and props. They adjust settings for the aperture, shutter speed, film speed and focus to control for factors such as depth of field, moving subjects, light conditions, or time exposures.They may develop film and create prints, or use computer software to produce the finished prints or slides.Photographers may work in specialized fields, such as portraits, scientific photography, micro or medical photography, aerial photography or journalism. They may have showings to market their work or publish books of photos, or work on publications.They may work in a variety of indoor or outdoor locations, may have to carry and set up heavy or awkward equipment, or work in darkrooms with various chemicals. There may be long hours to meet deadlines or find themselves in physically demanding situations. They may interact with customers, models, or the public encountered in locations and situations.

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Arts, Media, Fashion and Entertainment

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