Crane Operator

Crane Operator
Operating cranes on trucks, self-propelled platforms, towers, structures, or in manufacturing plants. Manipulatiing boom and cable mechanism to lift and move heavy material, machines, or equipment to move them and set them in place as required for construction or other purposes.The operator moves levers, depreses foot pedals, or turns dials to operate cranes, cherry pickers, electromagnets in a coordinated way to control the process safely.He or she inspects the crane and adjusts mechanisms to avoid malfunction or damage. Cables or grappling devices are inspected for wear and replaced as needed. Helpers are directed inplacing blocks or outriggers to stabilize the crane. There is also the responsibility of determining load weights and lifting capacity to prevent overloading and accidents.The operators usually work outdoors, often in cabs where they are sheltered from weather. The process is tiring due to constant movement of the machine and the concentration required when there are narrow tolerances. They work long hours in mild weather, and are subject to layoffs in winter. They are exposed to loud noise, cold heat, and dust. They may need to move to other states or cities as jobs demand.

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Building, Construction, Interior Design and Landscaping

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