Cooks, Restaurant

Cooks, Restaurant
Cooks prepare and cook dishes, seasoning and cooking according to according to recipes or experienced judgement. They may be required to be able to prepare all menu items. They may order supplies, and keep records to ensure freshness of foods and ingredients. They check food for quality and keep track of old and new items and rotate the stock. They inspect and clean food prep areas, equipment and work surfaces, to provide sanitary food-handling conditions. They ensure food is stored and cooked at correct temperatures, regulating ovens, broilers, grills, and roasters and turn and stir food for even cooking. They prepare serving plates with an attractive presentation.They may work under the supervision of a chef or retaurant manager, and work evenings, weekends and holidays. In large restaurants they may supervise staff or be assigned one particular operation.They work in warm humid environments and may risk falls on slippery floors. They use sharp utensils, are subject to burns from hot stoves or pans, and they stand constantly and may lift weight up to 50 pounds.

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Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

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