Constuction Manager

Constuction Manager
Construction Mangers oversee the construction process, and direct and coordinate personnel and activities through supervisors. They participate in the development of the concepual development, organization and scheduling, budgeting, and progress of construction projects. They work with owners, contractors, architects and designers on the overall planning of the project.They plan, schedule, and coordinate activities to meet deadlines, supervise and monitor the construction process, and direct personnel in the effort. They inspect and review projects, submit reports on progress and budget issues, and ensure regulatory compliance. They deal with construction problems, complaints, building inspectors, suppliers, and labor issues.They work in an on-site office, and inspect the site frquently, tracjking progress, costs, and deadlines. There are often stressful demands on time and energy, and a need for crisis management. Hours usually begin early and end late, and weather can effect delays or complications.

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Building, Construction, Interior Design and Landscaping

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