Chemists use qualitative and quantitative analysis to find the chemical or physical properties of matter. They study the composition, structure and reactions of organic or inorganic compounds, using.chromatography, spectroscopy, or spectrophotometry . They conduct quality and process control testing, and lab experiments to develop new products. They prepare test solutions, compounds or reagents for testing. In the process they apply heat, light, energy, or chemical catalysts to induce changes in composition of substances. They maintain and clean equipment and correct malfunctions when they occur. They maintain safety standards and use proper protective equipment.They work 35-40 hour weeks in labs, offices and classrooms. They often handle hazardous substances, and their work must be precise and fact-based. They use computers to monitor and compute processes and results with mathematical analysis of data. They encounter stress in regard to deadlines and funding.There is often specializations or focus in the organic, inorganic, physical, or analytic aspects of chemistry.

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Engineering, Architecture, Science and Mathematics

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