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We’ll provide a course description that lists the concepts covered so you can easily incorporate it into your transcript.

As you complete the outlined coursework (see details in the chart), you will create a portfolio demonstrating what you have learned.

Most states require 60 hours of learning in order to award .5 credit in high school.  If you complete all of the tasks outlined in the course requirements, you should have enough hours to fulfill a half credit.


We know you are busy and you have a lot of work to do to meet core high school requirements.  We’ve made sure this course will help you find a fulfilling career path without piling on more tough assignments.

Some simple writing tasks are included at the beginning and end of the course to give you insight into your unique strengths, interests, and values and to apply what you have learned to your plans for the future.  Important factors that contribute to career satisfaction and success are shared through videos.  Easy-to-use online assessments and tools will help you identify their own personality and preferences.  H4RL’s searchable online database makes it easy to explore a wide variety of careers.

We’ve made it easy for you to prepare for a great future while earning high school credit.  Discussing your progress and discoveries with us or your parents will be very important throughout the course as your understanding grows and you discover your ideal career!

I appreciate your desire to help [my daughter] find a career that works for her. I am amazed at how comprehensive your classes are.

Parent of high school student

I appreciate the thought and insight you put into your career classes. The information you give really helps inform the whole person with realistic expectations about the whole career, not just the 'fun' parts.

Parent of high school student

"The career course was very thorough, and gave me (unlike some other classes I've taken) a CLEAR plan/outline. I think it was very helpful and unique, and very thorough and very complete, following through to the end."

Career Course Student

Earn high school credit while planning your future!

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Choosing a career is a major decision that affects the rest of your life.  Sometimes you don’t realize just how important it is.  When you do, it can feel overwhelming, stressful, and confusing.  Having the right resources and understanding how to find a career that fits your own unique design can help your feel confident in your dreams for the future, and you’ll know you have a plan to make it happen.  With the forums available for questions anytime and the live Q&A’s that happen once a month, you will have all the support you need to plan for a future that fits your own unique design.

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Learn about real world applications of STEM topics and a variety of career fields.  Taught by an engineer, these single-session classes offer a glimpse into the challenges of innovation and the persistence it requires.  Recorded classes are available 24-7 and are free with your membership.  Our newest, live classes offer your teen the chance to be actively involved in the class, sharing ideas and asking questions.

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``I would recommend this course because now I understand so much more about what goes into choosing a career path, and I feel much more prepared to make that decision for myself.” - high school student